Damping Sheet 

Available in sheet form 
Flexible and easily cut 
Easy to handle and install 
Available in three standard weights 
Provides a cost effective sound proofing solution 
LD 13 damping sheet is used for the sound proofing of formed steel or aluminium panels and cabinets. Typical applications include steel panels in the automotive industry and for agricultural machinery. Also widely used in air-conditioning ductwork and the white goods industry. Damping sheets can additionally be used in conjunction with other insulation materials to dramatically enhance acoustic performance. 
LD 13 damping sheet is a bitumen enriched, self-adhesive backed material manufactured from a mixture of bitumen, plasticizers and elastomers. 
Technical Information 
LD 13 damping sheet material conforms to the following specifications: 
Density: 1.8 to 2.0 g/cc 
Flammability: (FMVSS 302) – Class SE 
UL94 HB 
Self-extinguishing: FMVSS 302 
Combustion speed: (ISO 9772) - <20mm/min 
Flexibility: at >10°C – 20mm diameter cylinder 
Adhesive instant tack: (ASTM D 3121) - <10cm 
Adhesive cohesion: (FINAT 8) - >4 hours 
Service Temperature: 30°C to +70°C 
Shelf Life: 6 months at 10 to 35°C 
Click the data sheet below for more information. 


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