Ready cut 90o bends & 45o sets also with SA overlaps, finished with reinforced Class O foil. Both products suitable for 110mm diameter plastic pipes.  
Other sizes available on request. muftilag® SP29 / SP25 manufactured from shot free non-combustible glass mineral wool, which is quilted to eliminate de-lamination and fibre migration. Outer mass layer faced with Class O foil.  
muftilag® SP29 / SP25 is dimensionally stable under varying conditions of temperature and humidity as well as being compatible with all surfaces on which this product is likely to be used, within normal applications. 
Thickness: Standard: 30mm compressed. 
Lag length: 1180mm 
Operating temperatures: 0°C to + 230°C (outer face should not exceed 75ºC) 
PH neutrality: Neutral without liquid 
Fire performance: Glass Mineral wool: Euroclass A1 
Polymeric barrier: FMVSS 302 self extinguishing 
Reinforced aluminium foil: Class O to Building Regulations 
Durability: Lifetime of pipes insulated 
Click the data sheet below for more information. 


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